"You two have worked hard and we have the evidence to prove it!" She ran her finger along Shannon's fresh welt.
The container ship Pussy Maru was pulling into Hong Kong and, provided the American was as prime as he said she was, she could join the latest shipment of unwilling beauties on their final voyage to one of the most celebrated pervert capitals of the.Their buttocks and thigh muscles were injected with muscle convulsants to painfully stimulate the largest muscles in their tortured bodies.Director Kao loves making his bitches do this act of primal crotch display and he doesn't like explaining it or asking twice!The relentless grinding had taken it's toll.Lucky for her, Smedley was a contact.He loved pretty girls who were down on their luck and had made her a tempting offer.Her full, ripe breasts and pretty pink quim quivered delectably as she shivered despite the heat.As she lay in the dirt, Ai-ling was a study in post-gangrape misery.A short length of chain attached to a shackle hung from either end of the bar.
For the rest shemale erotic contact of her short life, lovely Linn would have to keep any more smart comments to herself.
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In the cage next to her, Penny was also kneeling and savouring the taste of concentrated beer piss.
The electro-shock interrogation continued for hours.