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Frequently done in Kaori Yuki manga, not just in terms of art, but as part of the storyline.
Tooru and Yuujirou in Princess Princess frequently get asked out by other guys (when not in their princess garb).
His dad seems about as sympathetic to his plight as he is to Shizune's deafness.You have to strip search them to find whether or not the passport's stated biological sex is true or not in order to determine whether to let them in or to arrest them.El Goonish Shive : Tedd, whenever he removes sex meetup new york his Opaque Nerd Glasses.In Angel Sanctuary, the only thing Rosiel needed to do to fool mooks into thinking he was a woman was to talk in falsetto.Go have a conversation with all the ladies and tell them your problems!In chapter 210 there's a scene where a random guy in a bar hits on Kanda, thinking he's a girl.
But when they get back on the road, the cab driver starts crying.
There are several examples in Classi 9 : Ren says she often forgets Liszt is actually a man because of his long hair and gentleness.Metal Gear Solid 2 : Raiden.Richard Wong used it to his advantage at the end of the Griffin arc, by disguising Baddo in feminine Indian garb, to cover their escape.He was then turned into a flower that bears his name.Metalocalypse : Skwisgaar Skwigelf is tall and thin, with long hair, large lips and very nice butt.

Macross : Lord Geppelnitch (or, rather, the human body he's possessing) from Macross 7 looks and sounds so ridiculously feminine that nobody among the fans could believe he was a man.