Just multiply the sexy date night NAV times the units in your plan.
Surrendering of the policy works this way.Almost every traditional policy attains minimum surrender value after the policy has run for 3 yrs.If you have not already registered on the LIC web site go to this link: /NewUserRegistrati.Surrender Value, most of the people who buy any Traditional Policies from LIC or any pvt companies dont think a bit about terms and conditions on exiting the policy much before maturity.LIC policies, but majority of them do not know how these LIC policies works?Jeevan Anand in good detail) 2) Final Additional Bonus (FAB there is another kind of bonus in LIC which is generally called as FAB or Final Additional Bonus and its paid to those policies which are of a longer duration and has run for more.
Then there are LIC policies which do not pay you back periodically but only pays you at the end of the maturity period.If you feel that you want to continue your Policies then well and good.A very important point to Note : A lot of people do not like to close sex doctors contact numbers their LIC policies after paying for 1-2 premiums because they will not get anything back for the 1-2 premiums already paid.So almost every person in India holds some.You will not get anything back if you stop black sex dating your policy without paying for 3 years.