hornymatch scam

Email: gentlechic2000, on web sites: myspace, report: This person uses model pics from blackcuties website, wants money to leave country, cant pay rent, ect, cant afford internet fees, or webcam, but allways answers emails within hour.
She want to meet and rich woman meet Switzerland want to make arrangements it all seemed fast and I have made several attempts for us to talk on Yahoo instant messanger and received no confirmation about doing that.
About it not making sense to me And noticed it was the same person I had talked to before even though she gave a different name. .I believed he was an american living in England.I know these two are probably scamming all over the Internet.Claimed to be from UK, fashion designer.I have recently discovered that many of the profiles with pictures on them are taken from other sites on the net and not just dating sites.Scammers also like to say they're out of the country for business or military service.He said he was going to add me to his corporate account.
I'm betting that she won't.
The guy I met. .Anyway it has only been about 2 weeks.He got very belligerent. .But they are not who they claim to be!You suffer heartache, but you don't have to lose your savings, too.Email: Report: I started correspondence with this person through m a web site I was looking at for fun.How to Recognize an Online Dating Scam Artist.So when I called the number.

Always meet in a public place.
Because it was the holiday weekend. .