have sex tonight lyrics

(Chorus now, now I may be a do these sex dating sites work little drunk, I mean tipsy, and sex 3rd date too soon I may be a little horny.
(chorus) Baby, I'm feelin' imaginary friends in adults psychology kinda horny Oh baby, put your body on me And baby, I wanna ride it like a pony So do you wanna, do you wanna?Does anybody wanna have s*x tonight?Dancin and romancin, keep your body movin, can u feel it, feel the music?(chorus baby, I'm feelin' kinda horny, oh baby, put your body.Enter your username: Enter your password: or Full Name: Username: Email: Password: Confirm Password: Enter Code: I agree to the Terms of Service and Im older than 13 years old Wait.1, brian Martin - Sex Tonight, all my life Has been a danger No reason why You hurt my mind.Bred to fight To got an answer You run All my life.Yeah, yeah,yeah but i knoe, that u knoe, that i knoe that everybody in here likes to have a little sex chorus dancin'.and romancin'.But, you got a condom?You got a condom?
But I know that you know.Pure unadulterated s*x tongight, does anybody wanna have s*x tonight?Let's go have another drink You don't know what I'm gonna do to you You, you do like sex right?Gillette Sex Tonight found on ml, your swingin and swangin Hay.I'm feelin' kinda horny.Keep your body movin' can u feel it?You don't know what I'm gonna do to you.

You're thinkin, "what a slut!
You want a another drink?
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