guy no contact after sex

I bet its not many.
Once at night, and again in the morning.
Will I ever see him again?If you want to try being happy with casual sex, I have some suggestions How many women can be happy with casual sex Many women can totally be happy with casual sex!What the heck happened?It's now more about soothing his stressed out, underdeveloped or fragile psychological well-being (take your pick ladies!) It brings a mental release which resets his psychological equilibrium long enough for him to deal with and survive his current living circumstances - for how long depends.How does that make any sense?Cutting it short, if this happens to you, you're unlikely to be his lady.
Get back into that dating world.It's OK, because most people aren't exactly who you think they are right in the beginning.What a waste of energy and what a waste of self-confidence that you're throwing out the window.I was very happy with the way things were progressing.You didnt just try a new fun activity like kayaking remove adult friend finder pop up or paper mache; you had sex.Did you talk about your intentions for a relationship?Heres where things get muddled.Some people will tell you not to freak out because this guy shouldn't have to respond to texts within hours.Theyre friends, they hang out, they flirt, and then suddenly, somehow, they end up in bed together.

Who cares if he decided he didn't want to see you anymore and he rejected you?