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259 Leno has subsequently appeared on Tonight several times in the looking for women togo years since.
In his final moments on air, O'Brien stated that between Saturday Night Live, Late Night and The Tonight Show, he had worked for NBC for over 20 years, and that he was "enormously proud of the work they have done together" and thanked NBC for.
113 O'Brien briefly appeared at a January 18 rally outside the Tonight Show studio, 114 after which he gave the crowd free pizza.
237 Indeed, Conan has occasionally shown clips from his NBC shows on his current TBS program with NBC's permission, and the character of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog (owned by NBC) was eventually consented to appear on the TBS show as well, with Triumph's performer.If success were only about ratings, we'd just run Westerns all the time." 222 The show has continued to see ratings fall, however, The Hollywood Reporter credited it with forging "a digital empire, his company's own shows and a young audience TBS hopes will follow.Late Night's Late Riser".In a reference to a 2007 Super Bowl commercial starring Letterman and Winfrey (the two had feuded washington dc adult personals for years prior Letterman, Leno and Winfrey all appeared in a spot airing during Super Bowl xliv in February 2010."Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien's On-Air Battle".During the episode of The Jay Leno Show that aired after it was made public that Leno had been offered the 11:35 time slot back, Leno portrayed himself as an ingenuous employee merely following NBC's instructions, making a point of stating "I dont have.Meanwhile, Ron Meyer passingly suggested to Zucker and Gaspin, based off the public outcry, that they should stick with O'Brien; the two executives agreed to send him on his way.The biggest calamity in this scenario would be Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, which would get bumped to 1 am.Leno himself was among O'Brien's harshest critics, calling O'Brien's numbers "destructive to the franchise" despite O'Brien's success in the advertiser-friendly demographics combined with his significantly smaller salary compared to Leno's pointing to profitability.Chandler, Rick (March 3, 2016).
This wasn't even a good rendition of television past." By the show's second week, with it airing directly opposite season premieres, The Jay Leno Show saw its audience size fall to six million viewers.
His frustration with the situation came across in his nightly monologues, as more jokes regarding NBC's fourth-place position in the ratings, as well as jokes regarding the future transition, began to appear.Retrieved Walker, Dave (January 21, 2010).He had neglected to change his act to suit a more mainstream audience (as NBC imagined he would) and CBS's Craig Ferguson, who occupied the post-Letterman slot, had begun to occasionally trump O'Brien in overall ratings.On November 6, NBC chairman Jeff Gaspin received an email from the sales division with a suggestion: cancel O'Brien and reinstate Leno as host of The Tonight Show.They cost 30 each or more for specific design requests.Zucker's last resort for Leno was a nightly 10 pm program.Around this time, Fox and ABC began to court Leno privately, conveying interest and holding discreet conversations.They have a purpose built wooden cage in their hallway where they keep their three pets: Pancake, Finlay and Hopkins.He's got everything to lose in terms of public popularity by going back.

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On September 27, 2004, O'Brien officially signed on to become the next host of The Tonight Show ; NBC allowed the first comment aside from the press release to come from Leno on that night's show.
Following discussions on Leno's contract during a post-show conference, Glaser turned her attention to O'Brien for his opinion.