At the woman looking for a man germersheim bottom of adult dating flirting this page you will find links to additional glossaries from the stock exchanges that would provide better coverage of general and exchange specific investment terms.
Once the securities are selected, they are held until the Trust is terminated and proceeds are distributed to investors.
Investors buy shares in the fund, not the individual securities, and the value of the fund shares goes up and down with the value of the underlying securities.Each fund position for which you hold shares in your mutual fund account has a separate mutual fund account number.The accrued interest is added to the amount the seller receives for the bond and also added to the price that the buyer pays for the bond.Ototc or Other OTC - The Other OTC market is the trading vehicle, sometimes known as the "Grey Market for trading of securities that are not listed on due date had sex any of the major stock exchanges or the otcbb.For further information on preferred stocks, see the Preferred Stocks description on the Income Investments page which is listed on the Information menu at the top of any page.Just click on the glossary description to go to the selected glossary.This glossary concentrates on terms used on the QuantumOnline website and which are involved with income investing.
Stated Maturity - The term stated maturity is most often used in the negative sense as in "the security has no stated maturity".
QOL - This is our acronym or abbreviation for QuantumOnLine.
Only entities that have the right to levy and collect taxes can issue general obligation bonds.Total Stock Market Index (21 msci eafe Index (12 Barclays Capital.S.The price per share is based on the fair market value of your company's stock option plan.Next Up, breaking down 'Maturity some financial instruments, such as deposits and loans, require repayment of principal and interest at maturity; others, such as foreign exchange transactions, provide for the delivery of a commodity.Each trust is designed to meet a stated investment goal, such as growth or income.

Holders of municipal bonds can elect to receive an event alert to be sent to them electronically whenever a Material Event is generated on one of their holdings.
Conv -  Conv is the QOL table; column heading abbreviation for convertible which refers to securities convertible into common stock under specified conditions.