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Its actually really omas, 28; fashion account executive; Williamsburg, BrooklynThe subway late at night, when everyones drunk.
I went there once and danced with at least two different guys who got me free drinks and everything.
You can sit on a bench and look around, lots of people come through.
Jamie, 34; asset manager; Prospect Heights, Brooklyn Read more about The Bearded Lady 43/81Photograph: Jeffrey GurwinUnion Pool The place Ive been most successful is in Williamsburg, Union Pool (484 Union Ave at Meeker Ave; Williamsburg, Brooklyn;, m).Whether girls are coming from New York, New Jersey or Vietnam, theyll always meet nice guys t, 28; sales manager; Astoria, Queens Read more about Bua 20/81Photograph: Fumie SuzukiStrand Bookstore The Strand Bookstore (828 Broadway at E 12th St;, m) because there is no women meet on the train alcohol involved.I dont like to go out to bars to scope people out because I think its really disingenuous.Theres big flatscreens, inventive cocktails and cute guys in ene, 27; accountant; Murray Hill Read more about The Windsor 10/81Tekserve You gotta go to the Tekserve store on 23rd St (119 W 23rd St between Sixth and Seventh Aves;, m).If youre reading used books, Im kind of into.Youre looking at books, so you mature dating vancouver assume that if you meet somebody there, theres going to be a common interest and something to discuss.I could definitely be picked up at Housing Works.Google play app store OkCupid 2018 Your session has expired Still there?
The L is a cool one, though the last time I picked someone up it was on the 2,3.You can go, have delicious eats, you can bowl, and they have great live music.I go there for the music, and I like the view.You can pick up waitresses there easily.Theres a good vibe in there.That used to be my golden spot for picking up men!Its like three scenes in one.I think its a good mix of people: straight, bi, gay.Also they have communal tables so youre sitting around peoplemostly womenwho are dining solo.And Simple Café is a community place where people really believe in the owner, theyre not there participating in some nya, 24; visual project coordinator; Williamsburg, Brooklyn 5/81Gym Bar I find the guys are laid back, friendly and very direct at Gym Bar (167 Eighth.

My cheesy line n, 28, army captain, Midtown West Read more about The Holland Bar 60/81At work Work is a great place to get picked.