However, these could not be generalized as the free sex dating sites respondents were selected purposively.
The day my brother was born was bittersweet; I was no longer allowed to go to school.The study has shown that though infertile women consult any category of providers, traditional untrained providers were a preferred choice for them.But thats not always the case.Regarding its consequences, the study has clearly shown that secondary infertility not only socially stigmatizes the women but also challenges their marital stability.Whenever I would visit my parents, either I would witness abusive arguments between them or something far more disturbing.A participant mentioned that evil spirit lives in womans body only as it affects the menstrual blood.One girl on Tinder however almost found love, this is what she wrote on a social media platform: Source: m, horrendous experience.Adoption as a Coping Mechanism The FGD participants perceived that women with secondary infertility do not opt for adoption as she has been pregnant before and is optimistic to conceive again.
On the night of his birth, while my whole family was celebrating, I went to my uncle's house to get more bread.
Regarding any anti- bandish remedies, the women believed that only special spiritual healers adult contact spain can offer such remedies against huge monetary compensation.Important themes, which were highlighted through these discussions and interviews, are as follows (Table 2 ).Results from studies conducted in Africa, Bangladesh, the first visit to the gynecologist pregnant and India have revealed unsafe practices as risk factors for infections, PID, and infertility.Consequences of Secondary Infertility The consequences of secondary infertility are discussed under the following headings.Our study revealed that womens beliefs about superstitious causes of infertility influenced their health seeking behavior too.To further ensure trustworthiness, triangulation of methods was undertaken by validating the findings from FGDs, IDIs, observation of group dynamics, and literature review.Use of Modern Contraceptives The FGDs participants declared that use of any contraceptive could result in infertility.

I consider myself lucky though.
My pregnancy aborted spontaneously.
Data Analysis All the written and recorded materials were transcribed and translated into English.