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Australia, the Farmer Wants a Wife, nine Network.
1.3.8/2 ( #5 ).01 ( #5 ) university of essex big data 79/91 6 "It's Show Time" June 11, 2008 9:00.M.
Challenge: Collecting Chickens Challenge Winner: Kanisha Chosen For Date: Christa Date: Talking on a small bench, under a canopy, and drinking Elimination: Finding an egg Eliminated: Stephanie "Pigs Cows Sheep.Shooting locations in USA were.Version of, farmer Wants a Wife consists of 8 episodes, during which 10 women are trying to be chosen by just one bachelor farmer.Farmer Wants a Wife is an American reality television series, based on the same-name, british program, in which a bachelor farmer chooses a potential romantic partner among a group of 10 single city women.Retrieved 19 February 2016.The Farmer, age, hometown, occupation, matt Neustadt 29, west Alton,.Farmer Wants a Wife (U.S.
Premiered in spring 2008, the.
During the ride, Josie's reply provokes an argument between the girls and when they return she and Kanisha have an argument."Rank" how well the show did compared to other TV shows aired that week.Bauer sucht Bäuerin, which was broadcast in 1983.Matt asks the girls (excluding Kanisha because she won the challenge) to stand behind a chicken with their name.1, it was cancelled on June 25, 2008.At bingo, Josie insults the local bingo players; Matt smooths things over, but the group is embarrassed by Josie's attitude.1.3.9/2 ( #5 ).96 ( #5 ) 90/96 4 "Do-Si-Do" May 28, 2008 9:00.M.Knox, David (28 December 2016).1.5.8/2 ( #5 ).00 ( #5 ) TBA 8 "Farmer Picks a Wife" June 25, 2008 9:00.M.

Nine Network on Another 3 series have since aired, with Series 4 coming to an end in November 2009.
She finally leaves - without a gift.
Farmer Wants a Wife.