farmer wants a wife party

Matt wants them to grab their bikinis.
Matt plans to judge the girls based on who they hang out with.Ashley wants her to give Matt a hickey and bets she wont.Lisa is frustrated because Matts not really communicating with her.Matt tells Christa he learned more from her than anybody else, but he feels a stronger bond with Brooke.Brooke wins the challenge.The rest of the house has now set its sights on Brooke and Lisa, although I cant figure out why yet.Ashley wants to know if shes going home tomorrow.Theyre going to his parents house to have dinner.She responds that hes too cheap and doesnt have anything to offer a woman.The two stalkers managed to find him from magazines he left at the house.
Kanisha manages to win this coup off, and she has immunity.
Matt decides to go on a two-on-one date adult friend fidner with the girls who remain.The apology falls on deaf ears.She leaves on a positive note, wishing the final four the best of luck, but shes looking forward to getting back to the city.Christa is the first to catch a fish.The more reserved girls Ashley and Amanda are growing on him.Tonight well find out which of them is the Farmer Wants a Wife winner.Whoever doesnt have an egg under their chicken is going home.Brooke gives him a kiss on the cheek.Krista hated the country and apparently wasnt overly fond of Matt either, so it came as no surprise when she got the boot adult friend sites in Farmer Wants a Wife Episode.Josie asks him if she wants to test drive the product before he gets married, or if he wants to marry a virgin.