McAleers ex-girlfriend told, the Courier-Mail that a heartbroken Belinda, whom he brought to the finale, had contacted her on Facebook, saying the farmer made her skin crawl.
AT the time that the finale of A Farmer Wants A Wife was filmed, five out the six farmers revealed they had found love.
But as for women meet on the train whether there was the potential to go further, his lady love wasnt saying too much.Jedd, 37, Coffin Bay,.Adam, 25, Gippsland, VIC, viewers may have expected farmer Adam to choose gorgeous brunette Taryn, but the dairy farmer surprised us all, by choosing 29-year-old graphic designer, Hayley.Just one of the country bachelors, farmer Lance, chose not to progress with a relationship.Farmer Lance has impressed his potential wives-to-be with his laid back country lifestyle on his Rockhampton property.Matt, 25, Marble Bar, WA Matt was torn between two girls, April and Gabi, right up until the end, but he says he always knew he could see a future with 23-year-old April.The show will see host Cox return to her farming roots as she follows the singles as they embark on encounters with urbanites who have applied to date them.
Cepeniuk, who dated, married At First Sight star for six months, also claimed that he was in love with her the entire time they were filming and he wasnt the easygoing country guy viewers were led to believe.She brings out the best.Fancy a fling with a farmer?Belinda said during the finale that she hoped to move to the farm.The Beebs latest in reality viewing will be helping rural farmers find love - and applications are now open.Update: Perhaps Jedd and Sam are still together.

So if you are available and interested dating one of the shows rural singles, you can contact the production team on or call.