In situ In its original position.
Essex Estuaries European Marine Site (eeems) The marine components of the Essex SPAs and SACs form the Essex Estuaries European Marine Site (eeems).Formerly detr, Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions.Edge-of-centre For shopping purposes, a forum for sex meetings location within easy walking distance (i.e.Living over the shop (lots) Where disused or underused upper floors above shops are converted to flats, whilst leaving the ground floor for retail use.The route from Harwich links Colchester, Maldon, Chelmsford and Harlow.Dengie Peninsula Southern part of the District, bounded by the Rivers Blackwater and Crouch.
Usually set out in a section 106 agreement.
Curtilage The area of land adjacent to and associated with a dwelling house or building.
Rural diversification Process by which additional economic activities are undertaken to that of the traditional uses of agricultural land or farm buildings, ensuring the future of rural economies.Special Protection Area (SPA) European designation for an area of international importance for wild birds.Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP bAPs provide an action plan for the conservation of biodiversity.Development boundary/ envelope Shown on a Local Plan map, it is a line around a town or village enclosing the built area and any planned extensions to that settlement.Managed retreat/ coastal realignment Moving the existing defence line landward in a controlled manner.Playing pitches Playing fields specifically for the playing of pitch sports,.g.