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Please visit /rcr for further information, i would like a copy of the collision report.
If the matter has proceeded to a prosecution, a witness care officer from a joint police/CPS Criminal Justice Unit is likely to keep you updated direct.
Contact your insurance company who should make the necessary enquiries in zero coupon bond maturity date the first instance.I wish to make a complaint how do I do this?Make notes about how the collision happened while its fresh in your mind.This request can be made later; it does not necessarily have to be at the time of the accident.Further Detail, if, as a driver, you are involved in a road-traffic accident and one or more of the following occurs: a person, other than yourself, is injured, damage is caused to another vehicle or to someone elses property an animal has been killed.This will depend on whether injury has been caused to any person and/or whether you have provided the required details at the scene of the incident.At the scene The first thing you must do at the scene of a collision is stop.If you have suffered any form of personal injury, loss or damage to your property, as a result of the accident and the other person cannot be traced or is uninsured, you may be able to obtain compensation through the Motor Insurers Bureau: Motor Insurers.A failure to provide that information without a reasonable excuse is also an offence.Please visit /rcr for further information, is the other party being prosecuted?
Even if on demand maturity date there was no injury involved, if someone holds you responsible for the accident, they have the right to request your insurance details.
Ordinarily witnesses are provided with automatic updated by this team.
Note down the names and addresses of other parties as well as their vehicle registration numbers.However it may be that a supervising officer may be able to assuage any concerns you have and you can ask to be contacted by a sergeant direct.If an officer attended the incident they would probably have provided you with their collar/badge number and name. .Ultimately it would be for a civil court to determine the probability of any claim.Reports of an accident/collision cannot be made by phone, post or e-mail they must be made in person and within 24 hours.