essex local elections 2014

The Croydon result, which I've been waiting for, still hasn't come in almost two and a half hours after it was meant.
Many electoral areas have seen significant changes, and the average number of seats per area has increased.
I'll probably be back on later, as the results come in through the afternoon.If they fail to win one again in 2015, then Labour campaigners in London will likely take much of the credit.The usual suspects on the Tory backbenches Douglas Carswell, Peter Bone and Jacob Rees-Mogg have already called for an electoral pact with Ukip.The London Mayor is one of several senior party figures urging a pact with the essentially Conservative ukip and its rather engaging leader, fellow devil may care maverick Nigel Farage.Labour's campaign machine in London is well honed and they have capitalised effectively on public opposition to government cuts in a way that Ed Miliband has failed to manage nationally.I'll update later if anything major happens.They will, in all likelihood, not control a single council.
It was mostly journalists but the normal people there did seem genuinely enthused to see him.
Adds that Labour's decison not to take on Ukip was "a fundamental error".
This is not the performance of a party heading for government.23.50 - Only a handfiul of results are in but already the two main party's adult dating in south africa are engaged in "soul-searching" whatever that involves.Also in Essex, it gained five seats in Thurrock and robbed Labour of control of that council.We will try to make this more accurate to reflect co-options, change of area and type of councillor as time allows.This does not mean that the Conservatives are safe here though.Away from the media glare, Labour took control of the Local Government Association (the umbrella body for English local authorities) for the first time since 2004.Much of the campaign centred on high council taxes.

What he does in the capital, most Conservatives cannot.
00.40 - A second Tory MP, Jacob Rees-Mogg, calls for an election pact with Ukip.