In "The Gang Solves the North Korea Situation" when Mac walks into the bar wearing a new coat: Mac: It's not a jacket, it's a duster.
In "The Gang Goes Jihad where the gang's issues with an Israeli who buys the land their bar is on and later builds a wall around it, parallels the Israel-Palestine dilemma.Invoked by mature woman dating sites Dee, who hires a male stripper to russian woman looking for a German man give a lap dance to his daughter.Mac: Dude, you should really brush your teeth more, because that is not normal.At the end of the episode, Mac proclaims that Charlie really needs to learn how to read.In "The Great Recession Mac and Dennis are inspired by a restaurant they frequent to start "Paddy's Dollars an incentive to get customers to use real money to buy Paddy's Dollars that only work at Paddy's Pub.Julie : I'm not fat.
During the party, Elaine tries to tell Jerry about a dream she had, which featured him.
Ra's gets into a sword duel with his grandson in the Batcave and is killed by him.
After Oliver declines to take Ra's al Ghul's place, Ra's systematically attacks Oliver's home of Starling City to pressure him into taking the title.Even after being put through the ringer numerous times, he retains his positive and friendly demeanor.A woman with the courage of Athena and the breasts of Aphrodite Let me introduce to you, for the first time in the US of A LadyGreatBritton.Dennis remembers the peacock lady being more interested in him and scoring with her and Charlie thinks he made out with The Waitress.Sweet Dee imagines she kills the whole gang, blames everything on the robber, gets into witness relocation and becomes a huge star.

Desperate to save Thea, Oliver agrees to train as the heir Al Sah-him.
It is only then that Talia reveals Athanasia is Damian's sister and the "Daughter of the Bat".