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REM sleep and neural nets.
Mason.C., Oshinsky.L., Hoy.R.
Sesame Street : In one episode, Cookie Monster has a nightmare where there are cookies floating around search woman from winterthur and he can't catch them.Klein.A., Klein., Wray.K., Mueller.G., Seeley.D.Once this "Spooky Mormon Hell Dream" ends, it's revealed that he passed out at the bus station.In the Frasier episode "Freudian Sleep Niles has a nightmare about being a terrible father.Himeno from Prétear has these in an episode of the anime.That can't possibly be so-ohmygodwhatwasthat!?Starlight Glimmer and Luna have their own nightmare sequences datingsite in the works in " A Royal Problem Starlight because she regrets her set the search man rash decision to swap Luna and Celestia's cutie marks, and Luna because she is failing so badly at performing the role Celestia normally fills."I get up put on the light, dreading the oncoming night.
A Shout-Out to a very similar scene in Felidae.
Differences in the sleep architecture of forager and young honeybees ( Apis mellifera ).Happens to Sakura not too long after her debut, she mentions that it happens frequently, but they stopped once she found Lyuri.Right after Asuka shows up, accuses him from never loving her and betraying her trust, and then slits her wrist.Attraction of ants (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) to electric-fields.In an episode of Seinfeld, after Jerry gets his Uncle Leo arrested for shoplifting, he has a nightmare about Leo working out in prison, clearly planning to get revenge on him once he gets out, the whole sequence being a Shout-Out to Cape Fear.Klein.A., Olzsowy.M., Klein., Saunders.M., Seeley.D.Having the most by far.Most consist merely of Breaking Speeches, although the one you get just after receiving the Slayer Form is kind of creepy.The Brave Little Toaster featured nightmare sequences where the titular Toaster is menaced by a horrifying Monster Clown in a fireman outfit, then falls to his doom into a bathtub.

One episode focuses on Leela having comatose dreams after being stung by a space bee, some of them fall into nightmare territory (being accused of killing Fry, etc).
Even though Jimmy would probably never collect, he has nightmare about having to do degrading things for him.