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And for "end users" (people who buy Chromebooks) that should in theory mean the best of both worlds: secret affairs dating mobile apps running on something built like a laptop.
Mobile app windows running on your computer might not size properly, interactions feel forced, and due date based on unprotected sex your tablet or TV screen might actually have to switch between user interfaces while you're tapping or barking.
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Merge Ahead, this commingling of software is also supposed to provide benefits not just to the people who use the apps, but to the people who make them as well."But when we build platforms and frameworks, I think our goal is always to make it as broad and as flexible as possible for developers." That, in turn, can lead to better business opportunities for app makers.For Apple developers especially, this kind of cross-platform support makes sense.From online chat to intimate date with a girl of your dreams is just one swipe.Chat with strangers, make acquaintances and just live life to the fullest 'cause life is too short.And that's not necessarily a bad thing.For anyone who remembers the earliest days of Android apps on Chrome OS, that "same apps and functionality" part might have seemed like a stretch."But that's how platform shifts happen.Secret hookup app - is absolutely anonymous application for adult women and men, for dating and chat, and for whom do not mind to meet up now."There's this notion that there's a core set of functionalities, and then come along new and interesting scenarios and interaction models, and it seems like people are bolting things together he says.You will see people who also want to meetup and hookup in 50 miles around your location.
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