In the series True Detective, Hart has a sex ad in bremen very bad tendency to cheat on his wife with much younger girls.
An earlier storyline had Fisk's mother, Sheila, having an affair with her neighbor.
Adam Sandler's character is the one left sexually unsatisfied due to how quickly his wife gets off (and subsequently falls asleep).
Kay : "I may have had one moment of weakness, but you!Delysia is overall a sympathetic and likeable character, but it's made clear that her stringing along of three men for her own purposes is cynical, manipulative, and ultimately harmful as she's destroying her only real chance for happiness.You are really good.You've made cheating a lifestyle!" Earl himself was on the opposite side of the problem years earlier, as he was having an affair with Sweet Johnny's live-in girlfriend.His wife very pointedly mentions how he's extremely lucky to have her, because she should have gotten into an affair by now, and anyone else would have.He does not take this revelation well, and uses his latest research - a new anesthetic - to knock both of them out for a week and surgically switch their heads to each other's bodies.Neither loves or cares for her as much as she cares for them, and both ultimately back off when things get serious.After looking rich woman to marry Avery returns home she and Jack struggle to hold their marriage together, but they eventually admit that they don't love each other anymore and were just staying married out of stubbornness, and amicably agree to divorce and evenly split custody of their daughter.
Naturally, Dolly is resentful of her husband's infidelity.Lucy having the boyfriend cheat on Rachel with her is good adultery, because Lucy really loves him and is the protagonist.In later seasons, the Meredith-Derek marriage is starting to crack, with Derek wanting to follow his career to Washington,.C., to work for the President and Meredith insisting on staying in Seattle.Margaret's husband apparently was cheating on her with a number of different women - you can even pick up on it in the first episode he's mentioned.The Legion is proverbial for this.Nearly the exact same plot is used in Gary Moore's "Over The Hills And Far Away later covered by Nightwish.In fact, Oz is portrayed as being such a nice guy that the wife's first hitman can't even bring herself to kill him, and Jimmy flips out over adultery despite murder being his trade.In the season eight episode "Go Stewie Go" Lois cheats on Peter after she gets tired of his constant insults towards her advancing age.Meanwhile, Avery falls in love with and has an emotional affair with a fellow prisoner.

All the other inmates, by contrast, seem to feel justified in murdering their husbands- and are not generally considered to be very good people.
Derek ends up staying, but, eventually, Meredith admits that she can't deal with the guilt that Derek keeps trying to saddle her with (i.e.