Posted: 1/9/2006 12:43:37 PM, somehow there must be more to this story.
Posted: 1/9/2006 1:40:22 PM I'm sorry, man looking for a woman trip around the world but there's NO way that he didnt know that she wasn't younger than 18 or 19!He was an amazing father, so completely devoted to his daughter, and he was one of the best friends I ever had.Should they be reprimanded and punished in some way so that they learn their lesson?I have followed that thread you wrote before, and I cannot believe what I am hearing now.He has been a registered sex offender for over twenty years now, and he will be for the rest of his life.But the kissing and fondling equals indecent liberties.
And they all look similar - two big men, smiling and heartily greeting each other until everyone gets their shot.But there was this very interesting moment when Trump extended his hand to Putin for a handshake.Two weeks into getting to know each other, Jacob sent me an email one night.She said some odd things and before they had sex he asked her how old she was.To be fair, the sites user base may be distorted by all the attention its received as a result of Barrett Riddlebergers criminal history.Forgiveness is based upon a willingness to listen to someones story in order to know what the circumstances were, to hear the remorse, and to acknowledge the courage it takes to tell someone something like this.I have no sympathy for rapists who premeditate their crimes and violently attack their victims. .