Ischemia Local and temporary deficiency of blood supply due to obstruction of circulation to a part.
Retrolisthesis A condition of spondylolisthesis in adult finder, com friend which the vertebral slippage is posterior.It changes in size at different levels, and its diameter can be measured very well with axial views of the CT scan.To make matters worse, excision of such nuclei in rats causes only transient disturbance to sexual behavior and in monogamous prairie voles, the sexually dimorphic nuclei, whose differences between adolescent males and females are evident, become difficult to differentiate in parentally engaged bonded male and.Fibrin forms the essential portion of the blood clot.This should relieve pain if the patient has a disc herniation.See also Geary ( R234 ).In 1993 Dean Hamer announced ( R283 ) that he had found a gene on the X-chromosome that had a powerful influence on sexual orientation.Intertransverse ligaments Any of several poorly developed fibrous bands that extend from one vertebral transverse process to the next.Hard discs Discs with osteophyte formations.It inhibits gastric secretion, stimulates smooth muscle serves as a central neurotransmitter, and is a precursor of melatonin.
We conclude that human attachment employs a push pull mechanism that overcomes social distance by deactivating networks used for critical social assessment and negative emotions, while it bonds individuals through the involvement of the reward circuitry, explaining the power of love free adult dating services dating internet service to motivate and exhilarate".
Adipose tissue Fatty tissue.Entheses Sites of attachment of a muscle or ligament to bone.We have noted that women also have slightly smaller brains with slightly fewer cells on average, but all these features are in relation to the relative body size of women, and do not indicate any significant differences in mental capacity.When the cells were shut off, the mice didn't mate or show aggression, but both behaviours could be triggered when the cells were stimulated.Anterolisthesis A condition of spondylolisthesis in which the vertebral slippage is anterior.

Synonymous with convulsive disorder and seizure disorder.
(See synarthrosis an diarthrosis.) amygdaloid body A small gray mass of several small nuclei located in the roof of the terminal part of the inferior horn of the lateral ventricle.