Leaving the village I entered the flat Pettau field and could vaguely see the Boc and Donati mountains in Croatia.
Willy Wenger for sending these diary entries to me along with the photographs taken by 'Poldi (called Bibi by family) and.
A nights uneasy rest, under the influence of the thing described just now saw me just fit enough to make the last stage of the journey back home under my own power.
Okay, Supercomputer demos coming up in half an hour.She was wearing a big barking essex local newspapers straw hat which we mistook for floating debris.We changed trains in Bruck an der Mur, then travelled to Au in a motor tram and all nine of us marched to Seewiesen (7km).Between Kammern and Mauten, we had to stop for the first time, my canteen/flask, fastened to my rucksack had slipped between the frame of my bike and the hind wheel during a descent.Well be dead and buried by the end of it, but hey, Ive got two days after I get back home to recover in!The weather had been lousy all day, delaying our journey, we also had a small mishap.Easter at the Hochschwab, March 24-27, 1937 Wednesday, March 24, 1937 Departure from Leoben at 7:30, when I arrived at the train station everyone was there already.
Then downhill, again many chamois, and suddenly the Voitstal hut appeared from the fog.
This year, we arranged ALT accommodation with Wiztom, taking the strain off Q-Funks physical resources, not to mention our fragile mental states.She joined in and interacted with the party to a much greater degree than is usual for special guests.Wednesday, July 8, 1936.Eventually, and after a short digression back at the famous Molly Malones with Q-Funks latest femme and her friends, it is time to start on the long journey back.At this point it was time to bid multiple farewells to the Swedes and Nerve.She is completely approachable and joins in with the conversation. Start right here!We had encountered a strong head wind all day, the day had been warm, there were no mechanical defects worth mentioning.Unsigned by Byterapers, Inc.- Nothing really new for the C64 but presented with an upbeat crowd-pleasing panache.But that seemed to be a good thing to do back then.