Hatfield Class of 1967 Name: Bob Laymon (377th cams, Scatback T-39, Crew Chief) Nov 05, 2009 Email: Comments: It is with great sadness that we learn of the dating affair partner during divorce passing of usaf, Lt Col John.
Nearly 1,000 family members, friends and fellow veterans are expected to visit the nation's capital to participate in this year's event, sponsored by the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund.
They will send it to an overseas soldier.Also, if you happened to have ordered items at the reunion and do not get them soon, please let me know and I will check on them. .To participate, everyone is to enter Fort Campbell, KY at Gate 7 on Sunday assemble in casual patriotic attire no later than 1400 Hours CST (2:00 PM) at the Freedom Fighter Gymnasium near the 4th BCT (506th Currahee) headquarters.I have sent Mike Dunne two photographs of the Control Tower showing the damage done to it by a rocket or mortar.I know that Tan Son Nhut Air Base was sprayed at one time. .Elderton, William., Washington, 377th usaf Hospital (Renewal). .Hatfield Class of 1967 Name: Tony Tidwell (460th Field Maintenance Shop (AGE Shop) Nov 25, 2009 Email: Comments: With all the terrible things that are going on around this world, it may seem that there is little to be thankful for, come tomorrow, Thanksgiving Day.Tripp, Hanford, South Carolina, US Army, 210th Aviation BN and 10th Finance Company (New Member) We have twelve new members since the tsna 2009 Reunion.
Their service still goes.Today is my 65th birthday so Im giving myself a birthday present. .I am looking for any information that someone may have about my father. .If you have military medals or ribbons proclaiming your status as a Vietnam Veteran, Memorial Day is a good day to wear them. .Today I decided to go and have my car washed. .34 of our members have Yahoo.Our thoughts and prayers follow him.To confirm (1) how many will attend the ceremony (2) to reserve a meal for yourself and one guest, (3) your branch of service and (4) handicap needs, please call the Hopkinsville-Christian County Chamber of Commerce at (270) or email NLT Also, please show your.Thanks, Cary Louderback Name: Larry Fry (Detachment 8, 2nd advon) Jan 03, 2009 Email: Comments: Happy New Year 2009!