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ARC-V episode 35: " Sora's Secrets: Part 1 " Yu-Gi-Oh!
Yuya contemplated Summoning "Dark Rebellion but he was worried about the darkness.6 Yuya activated "Smile Word" and additionally used the effect of "Radish Horse" to women to invite to a date strengthen Odd Eyes" and weaken "Tyrant".Before they could continue, Declan received a call from his employee Claude, and he gave Yuya the win.In fact, it is estimated that between 50-70 of expectant parents now find out the sex of their baby before birth.Yuya was shocked to learn that the plan might also involve him as well.After Zarc's defeat and the Standard Dimension's rebirth as the "Pendulum Dimension", Yuya obtained all Four Dimension Dragons, but he refused to use any of them besides "Odd-Eyes" due to his fear of re-awakening Zarc and instead returned to his previous style of Dueling before.Sora warned Yuya, Sylvio, Shay, and Gong to stop him and rescue Zuzu before the screen cut off abruptly due to Sora getting caught in another explosion in the room.Yuya disagreed because he could not abandon Celina.Yuto's desire to save Lulu transformed Yuya's Deck into Yuto's, and Yuya used Yuto's strategies, which Lulu recognized.Nico asked if Yuya had been sleeping, and Yuya admitted that he'd stayed up all night doing quizzes.
Yuya Sakaki's catchphrase Yuya Sakaki ( Sakaki Yya ) is the protagonist of Yu-Gi-Oh!
He brought back "Odd-Eyes" and attacked "Steam Train King" while using " Pendulum Illusion " to halve its DEF by sending " Damage Banish " to the graveyard, destroying it and double the damage with the effect of "Odd-Eyes".When Sylvio attacked, Yuya found and used " Encore " to copy the effect of "Evasion but still took damage when Moon Shadow used "Hazy Shuriken".They explained that he would stay in the penthouse as a participant in the Friendship Cup; the Duel with Jack having been only an exhibition match, Yuya was still in the tournament.ARC-V episode 148: " That's a Wrap!Yuya used the effect of "Ignition Eagle" to Special Summon "Rebellion Dragon" from his Pendulum Zone, first date sex youtube increase Odd-Eyes ATK by "Rebellion Dragon's and place "Ignition Eagle" in his Pendulum Zone.ARC-V episode 14: " The Show Must Go On " Yu-Gi-Oh!92 Yuya swore to defeat Duel Academy and hoped that Sora would open his eyes soon.ARC-V episode 102: " Rush for Revenge " Yu-Gi-Oh!Thinking his next opponent is Shay and planning on saving Celina, Lulu, and Rin as well, Yuya goes through the gate.