In a study of 100 dads, nearly every dad who put on sex offender register tn weight had a girl but only five dads who had a boy gained weight.
Gender prediction test: Are those boobies getting bigger on one side?
Score 3 or higher for a BOY!The Cabbage Test, in this test, you boil red cabbage, save the water, and mix it with your urine.People believe that you will have a girl if your baby bump is high and a boy if youre carrying low.Im not sure who would sign up for this one!The Baking Soda Test.Faster, same as Before 3 questions remaining.If the mixture turns brown, its a boy.If you are carrying low, its a boy.It's a link for a story about the test I heard about.Gender prediction test: Is your face rounder and rosier than usual?
This was a waste of money for me, the test said boy, and I am having a girl!
They say that if youre craving for sweets then youre going to have a baby girl but if your hankering for salty stuff, then boy.Gender prediction test: Are you carrying high?Article Posted 7 years Ago.Heartbeat Test, if your babys heartbeat is 140 beats-per-minute or above, its a girl.For the next question, you need to look to your legs, there down there somewhere, a little voice said.Researcher Dr Alexander Nachnamen said: Women carrying baby boys often reported having cold feet.This is the one gender prediction test that was spot-on for me!You scored on the quiz!The Truth About 7 Gender Prediction Tests.A girl is in your future!

How about your nails, my pregnant friend Are they growing stronger and fast like the wind?
Ahem those of us who have had crazy morning sickness with both genders may roll our eyes on this one!
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