For example, the response page might be identical in both cases, but might be slower to load when the email exists because an email message also has to be sent as part of the process.
Well you can understand why that statement is confusing since the company did not notify its customers about the hack; also, storing records in plaintext or weakly secured with SHA1 seems to indicate the opposite of taking the security of customer information seriously.Criminals could potentially use the exposed data to find blackmail targets, cybersecurity experts told the television channel.People with accounts on those websites are likely very concerned, not only because their intimate pictures and confidential information might be in the hands of hackers, but because the mere fact of having an account on those websites could cause them grief in their personal.According to LeakedSource, the six FFN databases included usernames, email addresses and passwords stored either in plaintext or hashed using SHA1 with pepper.His advice for users who are concerned about this issue is to use an email alias or account that is not traceable back to them).Companies often fail to hide if an email address is associated with an account on their websites, even if the nature of their business calls for this and users implicitly expect.With Ashley Madison, hackers claim to have access to customer records, including nude pictures, conversations and credit card transactions, but have reportedly leaked only 2,500 user names so far.Even now, if an email address that's not associated with an account is entered into the form on that page, Adult Friend Finder will reply with: "Invalid email." If the address exists, the website will say that an email was sent with instructions to reset.When someone submits the wrong credentials, they may receive a message saying that the username is present on the system or that the password provided is wrong.Now offering a 10-day free trial!
Unknown domain 35,372, it is believed the hack occurred in October.
Both were vulnerable to a very common incest adult personals yahoo and rarely addressed website security risk known as account or user enumeration.Here are the top 10 passwords used on FFN sites: Password, number of times used,956 password 101,046 qwerty 86,050 qwertyuiop 43,627 FFN told ZDNet that most reports of security vulnerabilities it received over the last several weeks were false extortion attempts, but that it fixed.Prepare to become a Certified Information Security Systems Professional with this comprehensive online course from PluralSight.And now, with this hack, LeakedSource claimed that the sexual secrets for hundreds of millions have been exposed.Some people probably do that already, but many of them don't because it's not convenient or they are not aware of this risk."It doesn't take a data breach, sites will frequently tell you either directly or implicitly.".The top three email domains used when people registered accounts were Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail.LeakedSource decided not to make the data searchable at this time.

Ashley Madison is one such example, according to Hunt.
It makes no sense at all for any company to store passwords in plaintext, nevertheless a company which was hacked in the past.
LeakedSource said, The addition of m" was done behind the scenes by Adult Friend Finder.