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Scary Shiny Glasses : Soichiro's glasses often function this way.
Light manages to pictures of women in salt lake city looking for sex land himself a sex date urban dictionary spot on the anti-Kira task force and spends the majority of the series hunting himself, though not without being suspected by L and later Near.
As an example, an information exchange with another Member may remain in that Member's e-mail boxes, computer caches, or instant message archive.
You Are Already Dead : "The human whose name is written in this note shall die." No takebacks.Death by Adaptation : Mogi dies in Ukita's place in the Live-Action Adaptation, and Takada's death is hastened (granted, because the plot itself is hastened).One criminal at a time.The rest is history.Scheherezade Gambit : Ryuk is bored, he wants to be entertained and if he gets too bored he'll just kill Light and go home.The mafia boss Rod Ross has light skin in the manga and anime, but is dark-skinned in the DS game.
A God Am I : In the first episode, Light tells Ryuk that he wants to use the Death Note to create a new world, with himself.
The anime doesn't include Matsuda's theory and Mikami instead commits suicide on the spot, implying no such influence, making it seem even more contrived.Continuity Nod : To Another Note.Naomi Misora, who has been consistently shown to be intelligent, competent, woman looking for sex in winter park fl meticulous, and above all, careful, foolishly tells Light her real name after giving him a pseudonym, when she has no more reason to trust him than before.Love Makes You Evil : Love Triangle : (type 3 Triang Relations Takada and Amane are both after Light.Ham-to-Ham Combat : Light and Mikami's shouting match in the Grand Finale.They make their play and quickly improvise to the other's until one of them says 'checkmate'.Rem develops a platonic love for Misa and is even willing to die for her.

Being Watched : Berserk Button : Ties into Beware the Nice Ones below: do not insult Soichiro Yagami's memory in front of Matsuda.
Arch-Enemy : L is this for Light originally; later on, Mello and Near take over the role.