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But the lemmings from cable-TV cooking, whatever design and fashion shows keep dishing it out.
Tim Blaney, Snoqualmie, Wash.
A chest-thumping cultural regression fit for frat boys stacking beer glasses.
Wants to banish what he called Sarah Palin-isms: Lets refudiate them on the double!Get ready for the wow factor!Facebook / google as verbs Facebook is adult dating services in the uk a great, addicting website.BFF These chicks call each other BFF (Best Friends Forever) and it lasts about 10 minutes.I see that others have noticed it, too, as various websites abound, including an entry on Wikipedia.Viral, often used to describe the spreading of items on the Internet.e.Casey Conroy, Pleasant Hill, Calif.Lawrence, mickel, Coventry, Conn.It is a verb.
As a result, any mindless stunt or vapid bit of writing is sent by its creators whirling around the Internet and, once whirled, its creators declare it (trumpets here) viral!
Every time I see a viral video on CNN or am asked to Lets go viral with this in another lame e-mail forwarded message, it makes me sick.
Sylvia Hall, Williamsport, Penn.However, their use as verbs causes some deep problems.Can a woman man-up, or would she be expected to woman-up?' Jay Leslie, Portland, Maine.Ann Pepper, Knoxville, Tenn.Lian Schmidt, Bandon, Ore.